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Thank goodness for Bob Ross and his happy little trees. Bob, you inspired this child of the 80’s to pick up that fan brush and give it a try. No doubt I would have been lost without art in my life.


I studied the arts at Northwestern State University and graduated magna cum laude with a degree in graphic communications in 2002. Since then I’ve worked in the corporate world and also as an independent graphic designer and fine artist.


Acrylic paint is my preferred medium, which gives me the freedom to paint in layers and allows the colors to blend on the canvas. My style incorporates rhythmic brush strokes moving the viewer’s eye rapidly across the canvas. Color and texture play a vital role in the overall composition of each piece keeping the observer’s attention and causing a moment of pause.


In addition to my abstract paintings, I also enjoy commissioned portrait work and when time allows I love to pick up my camera and photograph the world.

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