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  • Liz Harman

Don't be Afraid of Canvas

For some reason people are afraid of stretched canvas. Please don't be, it's really not that frightening. In fact, I recommend canvas for kids. If you purchase a value pack it can be quite feasible. Canvas can be your friend for several reasons.

First, you can paint over canvas as many times as your little heart desires. Don’t be concerned with making a mistake. The paint will dry and you can paint right over any minor infraction that has caused you distress. Second, it doesn’t crumble into a million little fiber pieces like paper. Kids can drown that canvas in water and it will hold up. Third, which is my favorite reason, a completed canvas painting is an excellent artwork statement in any space… even if you have no idea what junior painted. Just call it nonrepresentational art.

If you’re wondering what to use on the canvas, I recommend Crayola tempera paint. It is no doubt my favorite brand of art supplies for children (even adults). Considering the price, the pigments are pretty good quality and this stuff really does wash out of clothes! If paint isn’t in your budget right now don’t forget about collage methods. Use scrap paper and glue directly on the canvas. Let your imagination run wild and have fun!

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