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  • Liz Harman

Warm Up

Seriously winter it’s time for you to leave. We’ve had some fun but now I’m ready for the weather to warm up. I do appreciate a cold day on Christmas but other than that please give me sunshine and a warm breeze.

Thankfully, warm days here in the south are just a few weeks away. In the mean-time I’ve been teaching a fun warm up exercise to my art students. It’s important before beginning an art project to give your creative brain a chance to knock off the cold and warm up.

Guess what… this project really is super easy. Truthfully you can’t mess it up. It’s also a great activity if you’re bored. My family and I like to do this little warm up exercise for fun while waiting for our food at restaurants. All you need is pencil and paper.

1. Randomly draw a few circles, lines or squares on a sheet of paper.

2. Pass along to another fellow artist to complete.

3. The artist has no guidelines other than be creative and finish the drawing using the existing shapes as inspiration.

It is always fun to see what unique ideas each person creates. I’ve seen the shapes turned into dinosaurs, state maps and even a mini roadway. Another fun option is to create one drawing with each person in the group adding an element then passing to the next artist until a complete drawing is accomplished. Have fun and warm up your creative brain!

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