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  • Liz Harman

Happy Fall Y'all

So, we are still swimming and growing cucumbers here in the south but I've been officially informed by my children we are in the season of fall. My kids get excited about the season changes and I don't blame them – pumpkins are fun! While the temps may still feel like summer it doesn't mean we can't have festive fall decorations!

To celebrate the new season I decided to paint a few pumpkins for my porch swings. Don't panic you can do this! Take note pumpkins are just circles and ovals. Most of us learned to draw shapes in kindergarten. If you don't like how your pumpkin painting turns out you never have to show anyone but I think you'll be pleasently surprised. Give it a try!

This lesson calls for acrylic paint but fabric paint would work just fine. I purchased a pillow from my local craft store but if you’re handy with the sewing machine feel free to make your own. Now grab a pumpkin or use my photo for inspiration and get started.

1. If possible, unzip your pillow and remove stuffing. This will give you a flat surface to work with and I suggest slipping a piece of cardboard inside to prevent the paint from seeping through to the other side.

2. Lightly mark the top and sides of your pumpkin. I prefer to use paint to draw my outline but some are more comfortable using a pencil to create the initial sketch. Do not be intimidated by this pumpkin. Remember it is just several overlapping oval shapes. You can do this.

3. Once you’ve marked the top and sides of your pumpkin begin to connect the lines creating a circular shape. Work in the overlapping oval shapes inside the large circle. Add the stem once all ovals are in place.

4. Hooray! You’ve got your outline. Now it’s time to layer on the color – use yellow, red and brown. If you have a decent collection of paint I would also include yellow ochre but it’s not necessary. I recommend adding a lot of water with the acrylic paint to keep the brush strokes smooth.

5. Layer the paint on the fabric. Do not over mix your colors. Start with the lightest color and work to the darkest. Try to leave some spots of fabric free of paint. This creates a highlighting effect giving the pumpkin a rounded look. Don’t forget to work in your brown outlines. The lines are a little heavier on the bottom where the shadow would naturally fall.

6. You’ve finished, good job! Pat yourself on the back! Paint a second complimenting pillow or grab a canvas and create festive artwork for the walls.

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